HP-I (end user)


Authorized products- End User Devices

​HP end user products have been awarded to individual channel partners and a distributer (SYNNEX). Pricing and award information may be found under their individual listing



Authorized products- Networking equipment, Storage, Servers, and Security

Contract award

Bid Scoring Matrix

Minimum Discounts

States eligible

2019 Appendixes

Authorized Partners

CAD                      SHI

MXN                       Bridgetek

Tiber Creek          SYNNEX Partners

Troxell                  ACP

CDW-G                   Meridian IT

Veristor                 Trinity 3


HP will provide additional partners in any requested location

Authorized Partners

ANC                          Veristor             Meridian IT

Applied Data             Corus 360          Advizex

Blue Ally                  CompuCom        IntegraONE

CAD                          Soundside 

CDW-G                      Network Team

CNIC                         IT Management Corp

CNP Technologies     MXN                          Netcom                     ACP

Prosys                       NWN

​Tiber Creek               Converged

SecurEdge                 Net Friends

Freeit Data Solutions  Technologent