HP-I (end user)


Authorized products- End User Devices

​HP end user products have been awarded to individual channel partners and a distributer (SYNNEX). Pricing and award information may be found under their individual listing



Authorized products- Networking equipment, Storage, Servers, and Security

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States eligible

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Authorized Partners

CAD                      SHI

MXN                       Bridgetek

Tiber Creek          SYNNEX Partners

Troxell                  ACP

CDW-G                   Meridian IT

Veristor                Trafera

​Virtucom               Tego Data Systems

HP will provide additional partners in any requested location

Authorized Partners

ANC                       Veristor             Meridian IT

Applied Data          Corus 360          Advizex

Blue Ally               CompuCom        IntegraONE

CAD                      Tego Data

CDW-G                  Network Team    Wescott Tech

CNIC                      IT Management   Pitt Bull

CNP Tech              MXN                             Netcom                 ACP

Prosys                   NWN

​Tiber Creek           Converged

SecurEdge             Net Friends

Freeit Data Solutions           Technologent